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CCI e Dispute Resolution Data se unem para facilitar acesso a dados sobre arbitragem comercial e mediação

Paris, 2 December 2016

A International Chamber of Commerce (CCI) anunciou que entrou em um acordo de coperação com a Dispute Resolution Data (DRD) - um serviço de pesquisa para arbitragem comercial internacional e mediação.


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ICC and Dispute Resolution Data enter into agreement to shed light on arbitration

Under the terms of the agreement, the ICC International Court of Arbitration will provide data that will ultimately contribute to a greater understanding of dispute resolution use and practice worldwide.

Andrea Carlevaris, Secretary General of the ICC Court said: "Facilitating the access to data and information about arbitration proceedings is among the current priorities of the ICC Court. I am therefore delighted that the Court is joining DRD. Participation in this innovative initiative by institutions and users worldwide will greatly contribute to increased transparency of, and ultimately trust in, the international arbitration process."

Founded by Bill Slate, former CEO of AAA, Dispute Resolution Data collects and publishes data about arbitrations on an anonymous basis. "Dispute Resolution Data (DRD) welcomes with enthusiasm the data contributions of the ICC International Court of Arbitration. Making important process information about closed international cases (never before available) accessible, while fully protecting confidentiality is consistent with ICC's initiatives to promote greater efficiencies and transparency in international arbitration," said Mr Slate, who is Dispute Resolution Data Chairman and CEO.

Dispute Resolution Data became operational in 2015 and currently has 16 contributing entities worldwide. Data collected is presented by geographic region, and by 28 case types.

The mission of Dispute Resolution Data (DRD) is to enhance and grow the field of dispute resolution by providing access to trusted aggregated data which maintains confidentiality, while providing insights into practices and trends for parties, dispute resolution institutions, advocates, arbitrators, mediators, researchers and policymakers.

Each year ICC publishes detailed statistics on cases filed with the world's leading arbitral institution. In a landmark development, the 2015 report disclosed statistics on the gender balance of ICC tribunals as part of ICC's ongoing strategy to enhance both the transparency and diversity of international arbitration.
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